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I agree the world if F*ed (0) - There is still hope but not in your case (0)

Oct 8, 2014 08:39 PM - Call Centre - by Alfredmug (man)


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www.Ilbook.Net - удобный каталог сайтов. Абсолютно бесплатно. Заходите!


I agree the world if F*ed (1) - There is still hope but not in your case (0)

Apr 23, 2013 02:44 AM - 1 Liner - by iwwwlbooknet (man)


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Why are weddings so damn expensive???? I'd like to hire a dj. ok for which date... oh its for a wedding. That will be 2.5x the regular price. I'd like to buy flowers. Oh wedding flowers that will be 2.5x the price. Hi i'd like to come for dinner. ok the price is 70 per person for a table d'hote. Oh its for a wedding and you are bringing me 100 people oh well the price is now 130 per person and you have to meet the 10,000 dollar minimum WTF. where does it end?



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WTF.... Most hockey dreams die commercials by the NHL.... They try to be funny and they failed miserably. As a hockey player I'm insulted by the campaign. They are ridiculing bad players, ridiculing injuries, discouraging and its not even funny. OMG Bateman you're an Idiot



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IPhone auto correct... WTF Its really funny that at the end of every message sent from an IPhone it says sent from IPhone at the bottom. As if we didn't know with all the autocorrect mistake typos in the message... muhahhaha :)


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WTF Blackberry. Every damn time you guys come out with a product, an announcement a new software upgrade it ends up being a big freeking disappointment. Let me explain:

OS 2.0 update: You promised you would allow android apps onto the Berry Playbook. That's awesome. Can't wait. ok truth is only about 50 apps were added bringing the big f'n total to about 300... OMG 300 really? that's what I've been waiting for.

Blackberry OS 7.1 You've been advertising it on your website. Look at all the cool features for 6 months.. Guess what Its not available for download on any carrier. How about you take my pants off tease me and then leave me hanging for 6 months... WTF

Blackberry bold new generation... They didn't use gorilla glass to make it like everyone else. Scratches all over my screen. Big f'n disappointment.

I am a die hard Berry user but I'm a little tired of being dissapointed.



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RE-Invent.com....Awful customer service. Cancelled with them over 1 year ago. They billed my credit card a year after I cancelled. Called them twice, no answer back. Emailed through the form twice. Got no response. I finally got this response after my 5th attempt at contact with them and 3 weeks had gone by.

Here it is:

Thanks for your wonderful comments. If an error was made we’ll correct it. Your comments about our awards that are well deserved in having to deal with people like you 24/7 for pennies per day is uncalled for and unprofessional at best.

Au Revoir

Exactly what you want from a hosting provider.... Thanks re-invent... WTF


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Fine Print..... WTF... Half the website.... really? http://tinypic.com/r/ohsh1j/7


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The Stock Market. The biggest Ponzi Scheme in the world and its right in front of our eyes. Lets look at how Bernie Madoff did it. He gets new investors to support the 15% revenue that old investors get so essentially he constantly needs new money to support the old money. And once new money becomes old money he need newer money and always more... OK now lets look at the NYSE in 2006 it was at 8,300 in 2009 it dropped to 5,000 today it stands at 8,400 which means the economy seems to be doing ok. WRONG... We have roughly 10 IPO's per week. An IPO is a new company that decides to get listed on the stock exchange. That means that we constantly have new money coming in. (sound familiar). Today a company called Linkedin ipo'd for $100. If the NYSE stays at 8400 today does that mean the stock market had a good day??? NO hell no. Means some other poor schmuck lost his shirt somewhere else and new money flowed into a new stock. should we think the economy is doing better. Hell no. Wall street would have us believe they are doing us a favor but essentially ans as they proved historically they will bury us in the end. so to that I say WTF


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I recently experienced first hand why its not good to talk politics.... it has nothing to do with the topic. It has to do with the people. If you are having a discussion about anything it would be nice if the people in the conversation could respect each others opinion without trying to convince/change the others opinion. Like honestly its a discussion not a war. SO to all you people that have no idea how to discuss anything. you get an F and a huge WTF.


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