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A court in Ontario acquitted a man of sexual assault charges because he suffered from "Sexsomnia" and was, as he claimed, asleep at the time of the incident. ....WTF



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WTF.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFq66qIWajo



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Christian Bamberger This guy is a scammer. He claims to want to buy your domain so you will spend 20 dollars on a domain evaluation service. If ever you get an email from him. Please ignore Complete scam. Looks like this:

Have you had your domain names evaluated in the past? I mean domain
appraisals. Without valuation we cannot be sure in the sale price. It's very
important for me in terms of reselling too. But we must engage a valuation
company with REAL manual service. So I will only accept valuations from
independent sources I and my partners trust.

To avoid mistakes I asked domain experts about reputable appraisal
companies. Please check this blog with suggestions from other sellers and

As a seller you should provide me with an appraisal first. This is a reasonable practice.

I've found not all the appraisals are accurate. So I accept real manual appraisals from trusted sources only.

I don't trust $14-$20 services. Nobody will do a research for $14. We need a real manual service.

As to the most known brands: the more orders the company gets, the less time they can afford to spend on each appraisal.

I wanted to use AccurateDomains.com but looks like this company has a bad reputation. I also read some bad review about Afternic's appraisal service.

I was told about manual research service from http://www.DomainMart.com. It costs - $200/hour.

Many experienced sellers suggested us http://www.CertifiedDomainValue.com as a trustworth manual service. They charge about 50 eur name not per hour. We've read only positive comments about them. And I have my own positive experience with this company and their support.


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I recently experienced first hand why its not good to talk politics.... it has nothing to do with the topic. It has to do with the people. If you are having a discussion about anything it would be nice if the people in the conversation could respect each others opinion without trying to convince/change the others opinion. Like honestly its a discussion not a war. SO to all you people that have no idea how to discuss anything. you get an F and a huge WTF.


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Why are weddings so damn expensive???? I'd like to hire a dj. ok for which date... oh its for a wedding. That will be 2.5x the regular price. I'd like to buy flowers. Oh wedding flowers that will be 2.5x the price. Hi i'd like to come for dinner. ok the price is 70 per person for a table d'hote. Oh its for a wedding and you are bringing me 100 people oh well the price is now 130 per person and you have to meet the 10,000 dollar minimum WTF. where does it end?



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www.Ilbook.Net - удобный каталог сайтов. Абсолютно бесплатно. Заходите!


I agree the world if F*ed (1) - There is still hope but not in your case (0)

Apr 23, 2013 02:44 AM - 1 Liner - by iwwwlbooknet (man)


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Ottawa Mayor Larry O'brien runs for mayor on a 0 means 0 property tax increase. In his first yearly budget taxes went up 4%.....WTF



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Why is it that no matter how much money you have even though you can be a Lawyer or a stockbroker making 7 figures and then you try to get into the club. The "moron" bouncer at the door talks to you like he's better than you yet making 12 dollars an hour....WTF


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Why is it that when you call a call center they always make you feel like you're the dumbass. I spent 20 minutes with a guy that made me think a function on my berry wasn't working and it was because of me.... As it turns out it was his fault he forgot to click something...WTF


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So I'm in Paris and I want to go see a movie. So I wait in line and I come to pay, the price is 8 Euros so I hand the girl a 50. She starts giving meeee shit for not having any smaller bills....WTF


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